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Sesame Workshop



Realize client’s mission to implement a Chinese version of Sesame Street.

Build client’s business into the structure of the Chinese media landscape.

Create long term partnerships for client with key Chinese media entities.

Vet and negotiate with Chinese TV stations in order to secure local partner.

Develop deal structure with broadcast platform and licensing partners to provide for sustainable China business
Secure corporate sponsorship for live version of Sesame Street during the Shanghai Expo.


Locally produced show aired on Toonmax and went into syndication on CCTV-Kids and other platforms around China.

Securing of corporate sponsorship for live version of Sesame Street during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Eventually led to opening of Sesame China office in 2013 to manage business.


CMM-I was able to help us successfully navigate the difficult world of Chinese media and communicate our unique message about providing entertainment and educational material that gives children the tools to learn in a way that enabled us to productively find a partner. Without CMM-I’s work, it’s doubtful that we would have been able to launch our China business as effectively as we did.

– Dan Victor, Former Head of International at Sesame Workshop

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Robert Bosch Foundation (RBF)



Find reliable media partner for high-level bilateral Sino-German forum and implement project.

Following securing of partner, manage communications between RBF and local Chinese partner.

Research and vet a variety of prospective partners from China’s media industry.

Help design the title, scope, type and content for the event (which became the China/Germany Media Forum).

Plan the event and all related logistics together with client and Chinese partner.



Recommended Global Times, China’s largest English language news publication, as most suitable partner.

The China/Germany Media Forum will be held for the 5th time in 2014. It has been attended by former German Chancellors and Presidents and top-level executives from both the German and Chinese media industries and contributed to enhancing dialogue, conflict resolution and mutual understanding between German and Chinese media.

The China/Germany Media Forum is now the highest level regular exchange between the heads of Germany and China’s top media organizations.


CMM-I has been our essential partner on the ground in China for the implementation of this project, which is one of RBF’s most high profile summits annually. With their hard work, professionalism and deep understanding of the Chinese media landscape from both the political and economic standpoint, they have been and continue to be an invaluable partner for us in successfully realizing this project.

– Oliver Radtke, Head of China Program RBF

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National Geographic Society (Digital Media, Archives and Giant Screen)


Robonaut in action

Create partnerships in China for NGS business units outside of publishing and channel.

Identify and engage in initial discussions with potential online partners in China for National Geographic entities
Negotiate content deal terms and conclude deals on behalf of client.

Manage partner relationships and support project implementation.



Multi-year deal with for a Chinese language co-branded mini-site for National Geographic Digital Media in China.

Archive ingestion deal between NGS and China’s State Council Film Archives.

Distribution of more than 20 National Geographic giant screen films to museums and theaters throughout China.


CMM-I was instrumental in our partner introduction and selection process for the China market. Their ability to reach the highest levels of almost any Chinese media organization, while at the same time providing a solid understanding of how things need to be structured at the working level prove invaluable to us in China.

– Ross Goldberg, Vice President Strategic Development National Geographic Society

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Guinness World Records (GWR)



Facilitate GWR’s first direct investment in PRC by providing comprehensive project management services in Beijing.

Incubate GWR commercial and marketing projects, provide general China consulting services and office support to GWR business development team and UK visitors.

Enable GWR to establish social media presence in China and support primary TV relationship with CCTV ahead of local operations.

Build up media partnership and support the increase of their adjudication business in China.

Incubate and support the GWR business while it builds its team in China.


Launch of all social media outreach feeds for GWR in China including verified weibo, renren, and weixin accounts.

Wholly-owned GWR subsidiary successfully completed its running launch in October 2013.

Greater China now fastest growing record breaking region with 14 staff in Beijing.

GWR China Nights on CCTV-1 continues as a No.1 rated show nationally in its time slot, with 211m unique reach at 2014 Spring Festival.


CMM-I enabled us to hit the ground running in China, providing on-the-ground expertise and resources throughout the process of establishing our own venture. Highly recommended!

– Alistair Richards, Global President GWR

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German Films



Increase the awareness of German films and film talent among the Chinese public and media community.

Promote the distribution of German films in China.

Plan attendance and operate German Films booth at key markets and trade fairs in Mainland China.

Plan and execute targeted events for German Films producers attending Shanghai International Film Festival and Shanghai TV Festival including 200+ person cocktail and producers lunches.



Planned and executed first Festival of German Cinema in China together with Goethe Institute China; Festival was held in October 2013 across 4 cities and 8 cinema chains and generated notable box office.

Films from Germany now among top non-studio film groups for flat fee sale into China.


We have worked with CMM-I for more than 7 years now and find them essential as a partner to implement the kinds of complex media projects with multiple partners that we require.

– Marriette Rissenbeek, Managing Director German Films

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Cineflix Rights


Mayday_Air Disaster

Increase revenue from content sales into the Chinese market.

Reduce management time from Cineflix Rights dealing with communication and negotiations with Chinese platforms and buyers.

Formalize Cineflix’s finished program sales business in China and negotiate package deals on its behalf.


Cineflix Chinese Catalog_2013_1

Cineflix is now one of the top sellers to China’s TV and online industries, and is a well established brand name for content distribution.


Working with CMM-I allowed us to reduce greatly the amount of time we needed to spend communicating and negotiating with buyers and platforms in China, while at the same time significantly increasing our revenue.

– Chris Bluett, VP Sales Asia Pacific & Benelux

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• Build all3media’s global production and distribution group business into the fabric of China’s content buying industry

• Connect all3media International and production companies under the all3media Group directly to Chinese platforms (traditional and online) and push sales efforts

• Initiate and negotiate format and program deals in China

• Plan, advise and facilitate communication and cooperation during production consultancies

• Support and advise on business development strategy


all3media 8

• all3media has become a household name among the international players active in China’s traditional TV and new media industries

• Major increase in revenue over contracted period


Utilizing CMM-I’s services was essential for us when we decided to focus more on the China market for our business. Their professionalism and transparency have allowed us to build our business directly with Chinese platforms.

– Louise Pederson, Managing Director all3media International

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We initiate and help implement Sino-foreign co-productions in film and TV.

More and more Chinese production companies develop projects on a global level. With its extensive network of international contacts built up over more than 20 years in the business, CMMi can assist you in finding the best possible co-production partner for your project. Whether you seek funding, distribution, or technical cooperation, CMMi is qualified to act on your behalf in terms of finding the right partner, working with them to best understand what your production needs are, and insuring both sides came come to an agreement.

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We deliver commissioned research and provide confidential strategic counsel for Chinese media clients exploring and developing international markets.

A common mistake many Chinese companies make when attempting to access international markets is not to do any research first, but rather rely on the contacts that they’ve made in China or at markets. An important first step for any project is research on its viability as well as research on who would be the best potential partner to work with on it.

With the launch of its US office in 2014, as well as its international management team with extensive contacts throughout global media, CMMi should be your first stop to evaluate your international project possibilities, work with you to research the market for your project, develop a concrete strategy and roadmap for executing your project, as well as finding the right international partners for you.

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We manage Chinese media business in the US, build Chinese brands into the fabric of the US media industry and promote and enable Sino-US cooperation in media. We help initiate, negotiate and implement strategic cooperation agreements with US partners.

After nearly 20 years of representing international media companies in the Chinese market, following the launch of its US office, CMMi now offers similar services to its Chinese clients.

CMMi can act as an on-the-ground office for a number of media clients to build their business in the US media market. We will establish the brand, engage in marketing activities, drive sales and initiate and help implement production and cooperation with US partners.

Many Chinese media companies are interested in entering into and developing their business in the US. By acting as an on-the-ground US office for Chinese media companies and organizations, we offer them the opportunity to buy into an existing contact network and reduce the risk associated with investing into a high-potential market that is difficult to nurture from afar.

While the US media market in particular is a highly developed media market with its own way and culture of doing business, many Chinese media companies attempt to engage in business dealings the same way they do in China, which usually doesn’t work. While nearly every Chinese businessperson believes that the way foreign companies can be successful in China is to have operations on the ground staffed by people that understand and know how to operate in China, Chinese companies often do not follow their own advice when trying to enter the US media market. By engaging with CMMi to develop your US business, you get the best of both worlds: an organization that not only understands the peculiarities of the Chinese media market, but also has an extensive range of contacts and knowledge about how to pitch partnerships to US based companies.

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