We manage Chinese media business in the US, build Chinese brands into the fabric of the US media industry and promote and enable Sino-US cooperation in media. We help initiate, negotiate and implement strategic cooperation agreements with US partners.

After nearly 20 years of representing international media companies in the Chinese market, following the launch of its US office, CMMi now offers similar services to its Chinese clients.

CMMi can act as an on-the-ground office for a number of media clients to build their business in the US media market. We will establish the brand, engage in marketing activities, drive sales and initiate and help implement production and cooperation with US partners.

Many Chinese media companies are interested in entering into and developing their business in the US. By acting as an on-the-ground US office for Chinese media companies and organizations, we offer them the opportunity to buy into an existing contact network and reduce the risk associated with investing into a high-potential market that is difficult to nurture from afar.

While the US media market in particular is a highly developed media market with its own way and culture of doing business, many Chinese media companies attempt to engage in business dealings the same way they do in China, which usually doesn’t work. While nearly every Chinese businessperson believes that the way foreign companies can be successful in China is to have operations on the ground staffed by people that understand and know how to operate in China, Chinese companies often do not follow their own advice when trying to enter the US media market. By engaging with CMMi to develop your US business, you get the best of both worlds: an organization that not only understands the peculiarities of the Chinese media market, but also has an extensive range of contacts and knowledge about how to pitch partnerships to US based companies.

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