Sesame Workshop

Sesame Workshop



Realize client’s mission to implement a Chinese version of Sesame Street.

Build client’s business into the structure of the Chinese media landscape.

Create long term partnerships for client with key Chinese media entities.

Vet and negotiate with Chinese TV stations in order to secure local partner.

Develop deal structure with broadcast platform and licensing partners to provide for sustainable China business
Secure corporate sponsorship for live version of Sesame Street during the Shanghai Expo.


Locally produced show aired on Toonmax and went into syndication on CCTV-Kids and other platforms around China.

Securing of corporate sponsorship for live version of Sesame Street during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Eventually led to opening of Sesame China office in 2013 to manage business.


CMM-I was able to help us successfully navigate the difficult world of Chinese media and communicate our unique message about providing entertainment and educational material that gives children the tools to learn in a way that enabled us to productively find a partner. Without CMM-I’s work, it’s doubtful that we would have been able to launch our China business as effectively as we did.

– Dan Victor, Former Head of International at Sesame Workshop

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