Robert Bosch Foundation (RBF) 1

Robert Bosch Foundation (RBF)



Find reliable media partner for high-level bilateral Sino-German forum and implement project.

Following securing of partner, manage communications between RBF and local Chinese partner.

Research and vet a variety of prospective partners from China’s media industry.

Help design the title, scope, type and content for the event (which became the China/Germany Media Forum).

Plan the event and all related logistics together with client and Chinese partner.



Recommended Global Times, China’s largest English language news publication, as most suitable partner.

The China/Germany Media Forum will be held for the 5th time in 2014. It has been attended by former German Chancellors and Presidents and top-level executives from both the German and Chinese media industries and contributed to enhancing dialogue, conflict resolution and mutual understanding between German and Chinese media.

The China/Germany Media Forum is now the highest level regular exchange between the heads of Germany and China’s top media organizations.


CMM-I has been our essential partner on the ground in China for the implementation of this project, which is one of RBF’s most high profile summits annually. With their hard work, professionalism and deep understanding of the Chinese media landscape from both the political and economic standpoint, they have been and continue to be an invaluable partner for us in successfully realizing this project.

– Oliver Radtke, Head of China Program RBF

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