China Media Monitor Intelligence (CMM-I) is the leading independent business to business intelligence resource for the Chinese media industries. Since 1990, CMM-I has provided domestic and international corporate and institutional clients with continuous tracking, development analysis, proprietary products and consulting services for the mainland Chinese media market.


For more than 10 years CMM-I has been helping international media companies implement projects in china. Clients include National Geographic, German Films, ITV and Deutsche Welle. High end services include market analysis, Partner vetting, negotiation, implementation and basic lead type services... [ more ]

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CMM-I specializes in producing quality reportage and analysis of the Chinese media industry, with a strong focus on content across film, TV and New Media platforms. Key publications include our
free China Media Monitor headline service and regular analysis on a range of topics... [more ]

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We'll be at MIPTV 2014! Contact us if you like to meet!

As usual, we'll be at MIPTV 2014. 

If you are in Cannes and like to meet, please contact Florian or Kristian.